Based upon the Far Field Wireless Charging System(FFWCS) we have developed the first three next generation applications GEN I, GEN ii and GEN iii. These Voice Life prototypes and applications incorporate all of the current technological advances to create a unique direct connect wireless charging experience.

Our first-generation proof of concept (FFWCS) prototype is an add-on accessory case for the iPhonesmartphone. Based upon a uniqueenclosureand battery/receiverdesign this case,utilizing a 60-wattcharger, can provide a 2-minute charge.

Our 2nd generation proof of concept prototype is a unique portable charging device. The same size as the typicalcell phone this special charging device, utilizing the most up-to-date technology,enablesa rapid direct connectwirelesschargetoany cell phonewhich has the Voice Life recognition app. An additionalconsequenceof theVoice Life app is the abilityof a continuous charge resulting inanongoingfullycharged battery.

A GEN-iimodification that replaces the current chargingstationbattery. Combined with theVoice Life recognitionapp, the GEN-iii replacement enhances the cell phone charge station experience by providing: (a)more chargingoptions;(b)adirect connect wireless charge; (c)a rapid 2-minute charge; and (d) far field charge capability.