A scalable global network designed for Far Field Wireless Power Charging System

Global Leader

We are a global leader in Far Field Wireless Power Charging technology and are passionate in our pursuit to provide wireless power and charging to everyone.

Intelligent Innovation

Voice Life is deeply committed to intelligent innovation with our far field wireless power system and the embodiment of our pursuit to re-imagine wireless power for the 21st Century

Critical Focus

The Company currently has three employees, with additional use of outside resources when necessary. This was to reduce development cost and maintain critical focus.


Meet the Management Team

Robert Smith


Mr. Smith has more than 35 years’ experience in the global and multi-industry development, configuration andapplications of server hardware, associated software development, and the creation and design of theaffiliated networks. During the period as Senior Technology Business Development Consultant, he conceiveda voice-activated wireless power network for both home and business. As a result, Voice Life Inc. was foundedMarch 2015 to develop and commercialize this idea. During this network development itbecame apparentthat a far-field wireless charging system needed to be created. So, development has focused on the creationof a compatible far-field wireless platform, a network combining WI-Fi blockchain technology and AI, and theassociated wireless infrastructure. Currently, Mr. Smith continues to be involved with all aspects of thetechnological, financial and administrative duties, with the special involvement in advanced technologydevelopment.

David Lark

SVP, Strategic Planning & Operations

Mr. Lark has had over four decades of a diverse international professional career, which have includedtechnical, medical, scientific and business creation. These experiences were based upon a science andmath education, a Northwestern University medicaldegree, a Stanford University PhD. and variousfellowships. Since 2015 Mr. Lark has worked with Voice Life in multiple roles. He is principally involved withall the technology creation, as well as an advisor forall dayto day, short-term and long-term strategies.

Michael Smith

Manager of Operations

In 2019, M.S. graduated with a master’s degree in Sports Management from California State University Long Beach, where he developed a diverse background in the sports business industry. He then gained valuable entrepreneurship skills while participating in the UCLA Anderson School of Management Entrepreneurship Venture Accelerator program in the Spring of 2019.